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October 05 2017


nobody is gonna give you a medal or free HRT for acting like a fucking gender cop. the system is not your friend. we’re out here lying to doctors for survival and demanding respect from an antagonistic system and you’re arguing about who is or isnt transgender like some sort of fan club for oppressive medical gatekeeping. 

how the fuck do you profit from this. you’re wasting your time and your energy tearing other trans people down when you should have solidarity with them. you should be supporting all trans people, not just the ones whose gender you understand, not just the ones whose gender is respectable and palatable to YOU.

Click here to support Justine's Rent organized by Justine Mann


Hi everyone! I’m sorry to do this again, but I need help for rent this month. For those who don’t know, my ex broke our lease and I’m unable to come up with his contribution. Additionally, I was sick for 3 weeks and unable to work. Things are incredibly dire and I’m at serious risk for homelessness. The assistance that I was supposed to receive for October has been canceled and I won’t get paid until after rent is due. Please help with anything you can or forward along. 

Click here to support Help me not be homeless


I know I’m not the most important cause right now, but I need to raise rent money by the 15th, or else I’m fucked. 
Please donate if you can, I “only” need like $60 -_-


America wasn’t created by immigrants it was invaded by colonists can you guys stop posting that shit

this is reaching out

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Photographer: Breeze

help buy grace a wheelchair attachment to get her to university





hi everyone!! my name is grainne but i go by grace! i’m from scotland in the uk and i have cerebral palsy, this year i’ve been offered a place at university!! but my university is built on a lot of hills and i would struggle to get to classes on my own. i really really value my independence so i am looking to buy an electric wheelchair attachment to help me get around - a SMARTDriveMX2!! it’s a wheel that attaches to the back of your wheelchair to give you more power going up hills.

i can’t stress how much this would improve my life, not only for university, but just in general as getting around on my own can be really difficult. if i was to get this it would be like a weight off my shoulders, i could go to university, i could go travelling, go shopping ect just normal things without having to worry about being tired or sore!! the freedom that abled bodied people get doesn’t seem so far away!

the only problem is that the SMARTDriveMX2 is £5750 and i start university in september!! i really hate to ask anyone for money but there’s no way i can afford this on my own - so if you can please please donate!!

my justgiving (my mum made this page so it’s in her name)

if you aren’t able to donate i totally understand - but please share this page and message far and wide!! thank you so so much!! xx

Hey guys! it’s not long until I start uni! I am overwhelmed by the amount of support this has received!! but i’m still not close to my goal - if you can all give this one last push that would be fantastic and more than I deserve!! even if you only give a tiny amount you’re still helping to genuinely change my life  <3

love you guys thank you so much x

[JustGiving Currently: £2,125 raised of £5,750 target]

There haven’t been any donations made since September 1st. Please donate.

October 04 2017






stop depriving non-white actors opportunities to act and get recognized!

every single culture in the avatar universe is either based on asia or based heavily on inuit and sireniki and only 3 or 4 of its entire voice acting cast isnt white

the earth nation is based on ancient china fire nation is based on southeast asia w/ heavy influence from china and egypt the air nomads are based on tibetan culture shaolin monks and sri lanken buddhism but go ahead and tell me that asami is white (really yall? asami sato is like the least white name ever)

Police officers moved to tears as they protect Catalan voters


this shit makes me so angry, like the fuckin Mossas are saints now?

Nothing sums up the bullshit of bourgeois nationalism more than this narrative, ‘our’ cops. Our good cops.

The ones that beat a gay man to death on camera and not one of them did jail time

you know, these guys:



tbh i kinda hate when people talk about lesbians having an easy word to call their sexuality because like yeah people know what lesbian means, but it doesnt mean it’s easy to call yourself a lesbian especially when straight people have twisted around the word to sound so dirty and sexual and predatory and just Wrong

so shoutout to everyone trying to embrace the word lesbian, it can be hard but it’s worth it 💕💕💕

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Representation matters.

Happy Star Trek Day!


I wish people would stop believing US ruling class propaganda nonsense about what the lives of poor people in the US are like.

For every person making a half million a year, there are over ten without clean water (and that’s not even counting the 43 million people whose water systems are considered “private” and are not included in EPA water safety laws).

The wealthy eat gold covered donuts while 40% of the US has vitamin deficiencies.

The bizarre nature of the US economic system means that poor people in the US can have a smartphone (under $30) and a choice between 20 different colors of $1 socks but then have no choice but to die of a tooth infection because that costs hundreds of dollars in order to access treatment.

This shit that “nobody starves, doesn’t have running water, has untreated parasitical diseases, etc. in the US” is flat out nonsense.  And I can’t imagine how these beliefs could withstand any actual extended contact with poor communities in the US unless someone was intentionally refusing to acknowledge what was right in front of their eyes.


*any democratic centralist organisation where people vote on what to do and then stick to that* thats a fucking CULT

*my shitty fucking punk house where my friends project interpersonal control in a manner we don’t consider hierarchical power* i wish all of society could be structured this way




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Sooo you just gon go against the grain and skip thanksgiving? 😕🤦🏾‍♀️

Thanksgiving mood:

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people always talk about edgy 13 year olds saying they have a mental illness to look cool as if that started with tumblr but like.. they’ve always done that…… they’ve literally always done shit like that. and overall increased access to mental health resources is an overwhelmingly good thing. plus if someone’s pretending to have an illness for attention they could probably use those resources anyways

the idea of the “teenager who lies about mental illness for attention” is essentially entirely a myth. i’m absolutely aware there are kids who say they have schizophrenia when they don’t, but i think them doing that is a lot more complicated than “they want to look cool online”. it’s often them recognizing the onset of mental illness of some kind and processing it through the only lens they have, which is media portrayals.

and behaviour like that CAN often be a “cry for attention”, but that’s something that needs to be taken seriously. people discredit a lot of things young people do (especially self destructive behaviours or self harm itself) as being something they’re just doing for attention, but that’s ridiculous because someone being in a situation where they need help enough they’re willing to hurt themselves to get it IS a real problem. attention seeking behaviour is a symptom.

donation post thing


im stupid and worthless and accidentally fucked up and overdrafted my bank account somehow (thought i had enough money to cover a bill but didnt apparently) so i need to beg for money again cuz im pretty much completely fucked and very terrified and dont know how to make money for myself cuz im a broken piece of shit

if y’all can spot me some money i’d be forever grateful and if you can’t/don’t want to thats understandable, but can you please boost this

my paypal is paypal.me/rileyneedsmoney

thank you in advance 

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i found this very important picture of cats with succulents and i needed to show you

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We know the name of the guy who killed 58+ people. Let’s memorize the name of the guy who SAVED 30 people!

Jonathan Smith. Salute!

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